Raving Fans


Steve Mahady

Can't believe how much I have memorized!

I’ve been meaning to send you over a note to share my awesome experience.
I’ve been blessed with an above average memory without any type of formal training, practice,etc – – of course nowhere near your amazing abilities. I was immediately impressed with you and intrigued and interested in your system. I have a son who turns 6 at the end of March and he too is blessed with a very good memory, and prior to meeting you, I had been thinking about working with him to learn lists of Presidents and so forth. So seeing you and your video of that young girl provided the perfect jumping off point to take action and not only have him learn but utilize principles of your system in the process

I arrived home from Dallas Saturday evening and the very next day showed my family the video of the girl. So really from that video and a few other basics I picked up from your presentation in Dallas, my son and I started learning the 44 Presidents mainly using your 5 per room system. And while not pressing very hard, he learned 15 or 20 that Sunday without much trouble. Didn’t do too much during the week, learned a few more the following Saturday and then he had all 44 by that following Sunday. He has since proceeded to learn all 50 States in Alpha order, using the same order of rooms and most of the same items in each room as we did for the Presidents (of course adding one room to get to 50). And he also just finished the state capitals in order of the 50 Alpha states again using the same rooms/items. All the while at a very relaxed pace and manner.

So while I have yet to even scratch the surface of your entire system, I just wanted to tell you that the room system itself has worked amazingly well for my son. It’s awesome and he enjoys it and it’s been great fun doing it with him. And, oh, by the way, I have learned all 3 of these lists myself, although sometimes I need a little help from my son.

So just wanted to say thanks so much and share some positive feedback. I’m sure you get it often but please add another to the list. I’ll keep you posted.

All the best,


Li Stelea

Awesome program. Quick results

I have several memory books, most are discouragingly complicated.However, Ron’s program is simple and to the point. It requires little time and effort to achieve great results. I had my memory trained using similar methods before, however, I switched to some of Ron’s afterward. Way easier.

Best guide for beginners that I know of!


Christie Gannon Thomas

Great improvement in just 2 days!

What once was lost has now been found.

Day 1 :: I remembered 5/20 words.
Day 2 :: I nailed 45/45!

This 40-year old mind still has it! I can’t wait to apply Ron’s memory method to all areas of my life! Oh, my 9-yr old is applying it, too. She already knows the US Presidents which is part of her curriculum this upcoming school year. Oh yeah! Can’t wait for her to teach her buddies how she did it.


Kyle Meko

Student of many memory courses

I have gone through a lot of memory courses and out of the ones I have gone through,
Ron’s course is one of the best. If I had to choose a
course to introduce to a friend who has never had any memory training, the
first course I would have him go through would definitely be a memory and a
month. I found it to be one of the clearest and easiest to understand. And I
think the structured work sessions are well suited for beginners.

And Ron thank you for making the course!


Richard Kittrell

Business man teaches daughter

Ron’s memory course has proved invaluable to my business. I have countless times shared(and used) material from the memory course to add value for my customers. My most exciting experience occurred after I took my youngest daughter (age 10) to the course. The evening after attending the course she had several friends from school over to our house. I went into the room they were in and found my daughter teaching her friends what she had learned from Ron that day.


Giuseppe Moriello

Italian Law Student

I attended a lot of memory courses but the Ron’s memory is the only one that really improved my capacity to remember an incredible amount of information without particular efforts. I’m an italian student, attending the faculty of law, and he gave me a lot of powerful instruments to face my university exams.


Bill Dodge

I can remember names now!

Last night my wife and I attended a private function with her fellow Toastmasters and spouses – (18 in all). Not only were we able to immediately learn all their names, but I remembered all of them the next day and still do.

It may sound like a minor achievement, but to me, it was a home run and a great confidence builder. I could never remember one name after 30 seconds, much less 18.

See you at the next seminar and a big THANK YOU for making us believe that we can all improve our brains.

Bill & Debbie Dodge
Baby Boomers